About us

Symbol Software is a web design and web development company located in Brasov, Romania. Our main target is web development at its highest standards. Specialized in website development, complex web applications, web design, logo & branding, search engine optimization, we work together as a team in order to achieve best results from our customers' point of view as well as from ours.

We want a positive response from our projects' market, therefore we've traced some primary objectives to follow when developing your website: high speed loading, attractive and friendly design , in order to meet the needs of the client, easy and intuitive navigation. These aspects, together with our passion for everything that WWW means shall lead to the final product: a website that will make your business grow and expand.

Because success is our motivation, we will always keep in touch with our clients, discussing, analyzing and applying what they want in order to create a profitable website from the very first day after its launch.

The Symbol Software Team